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paul wesley is my king, blair waldorf is my queen & spirit animal and dianna agron is just flawless.

I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to s u r v i v e

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Stefan: It was a spell, showing us what we wanted to see.
Elena: We weren’t vampires, my parents were still alive. It was a fantasy, like a movie. It was the life that we never could have had.

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There’s more to me than  g l o o m y  graveyard  girl. I used to be more fun.
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"Elena felt Stefan’s lips meet hers. And it was as simple as that. All questions answered, all fears put to rest, all doubts removed. What she felt was not merely passion, but a bruising tenderness and a love so strong it made her shake inside. It would have been frightening in its intensity, except that while she was with him, she could not be afraid of anything. She had come home. This was where she belonged, and she had found it at last. With Stefan, she was home."

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get to know me meme: [1/15] female characters
katherine pierce; "How do you think I survived 500 years? It wasn’t because I was a vampire, it’s because I never looked back. Don’t be dumb. Survive."
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make me choose: anonymous asked: steroline/tylena/delena or stelena

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tvd meme: one location

Mystic Falls High School

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color meme: caroline forbes & summer colors
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Bonnie Bennett meme:
Having none of your shit

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